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Pizza Club


6/14/06 12:18 pm - mozbot - Pizza Club 15: Italian Stereotypes Rule


I'ts a-me....Mario! I'm a-here to invite you to the next installment of a-Pizza Club. Mama mia! I wish I a-had Pizza Club down on leverl 2-2, when I was a-underwata fightin' those Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. So crazy! Well, maybe its a-not such a-good thing, as my Pizza pie would have a-been all wet. Us Italians love us some a-Pizza, let a-me tell.....HEY! Get off a-me....

Hahahaha! I'm a Wario! I'm a-gonna kick your ass offa here and let a real man take over! Haha!

Pizza Club is for stupid jerks! I like eating worms and doing crazy stuff like a-jumping on da sofa with my shoes ON! I'm evil you see! No one can stop me! BUT...if you want to come to some a-stupid Pizza Club the next one is being held at Antonio's in the Valley.

Antonio's Pizzeria (World 4-3)
(818) 788-1103
13619 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Time: 8pm
Date: June 21st
Transportation: Mario Kart
If I see you there, I will a-be throwing turtle shells at you a-face. Like I did to dat a-Luigi!
Afterwards, you can a-go back to a-Michael's and play some a Mario Kart, and a-Michael will a-beat you ass.

6/8/06 11:51 am - mozbot

I want to expand on a topic from ealrier. There is a correct way and an incorrect way to cut a Pizza. I was called a communist by Scott last night for my belief that slices of pizza should, for the most part, be equal and conform to its most logical eat-a-bility.

But last night's pie slices which were, for the most part of similar size, inherantly flawed in design. Let's take a look:


Though each slice is seemingly equal in square footage there is no reason for doing it. You want to be different? Feel special? Go start a rock band and live in the gutter. The argument put forward at one point was "Well, some people don't like crusts". Ok, don't eat them. It is not an uncommon practice. Done! Another was "Some people don't want a larger size". They invented knives to tackle just this problem.

Now, let's look at the Correct way to slice up a Pizza:

See how each slice makes sense? You know what you're getting. An equal share of crust; a foldability in the slice itself; a basic starting and ending point.

You wouldn't eat the center of a piece of apple pie by itself. You would hardly do the same for cake. (And I'm talking about ROUND shapes, amigos, not square, Sicilian deep dish pies, that is a whole other conversation).

What makes Casa Bianca think it's got the right to do this crap? Hubris. Their Pizza was damn tasty, I will give them that much. And their sausage was really, the only good sausage we have had on a Pizza yet at Pizza Club. But this madness has to stop.

Down with homework, up with mini-skirts! That is what I say!

6/2/06 11:39 am - mozbot - Pizza Club 14: Expanding Circumferences


Someone should buy THIS for me. Just sayin'.

Well, moving on. We're goin' to Eagle Rock mutha fuckaaaasss! Long time request by Richard is going down this upcoming Wednesday night.

Q & A Time Kids!

Q: Is it a long way away?
A: Shut your stupid ass face and come along

Q: Is the Pizza as amazing as Richard says?
A: Shut up! And find out for yourself? Or, e-mail Richard. He is a jerk and does jack crap all day.

Q: Why are you so angry, Michael?
A: Oh, I don't know. Could it be that I keep getting axed dumbass questions by a nerd? Or maybe because I'm hungry for Pizza RIGHT NOW and don't know how to tame the beast? Ever think of that, muchacho?

Q: Why do I love you so much Michael?
A: Cuz I'm AWESOME. That's why!

Casa Bianca Pizza Pie
1650 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041-1436
(323) 256-9617

DATE/TIME: Wednesday, June 7th, 8 pm


(extra large w/cheese)

5/22/06 11:48 am - mozbot - Pizza Club 13: Un-Luckyyyyyy!

I went to Disneyland on Saturday and was very tempted to go to the Pizza Port in Tomorrow Land. But then I was like "Yeah right!, eat my ass Pizza Port" BTW, the Jungle Cruise is still the best ride ever. I have always dreamed of getting a job at Disneyland and being THAT guy who tells terrible jokes. Especially ones about the backside of water.

Santino's was chosen because of 100% pure laziness. I plan on WALKING there and getting my 'za on. Afterwards, we can walk across the strett and get a drink at the Chimney Sweep.

That is right muther f'ers. Pizza and drinking. If you don't like one of those, I don't know who you are! This place, i drove by, has frigg'n red and white plastic tablecloths! Frigg'n SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!!

Santino's NY Pizza
(818) 784-3226

4319 Woodman Ave
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Date is TUESDAY, MAY 23'd because the illustrious Miss Love Smith is going to some stupid state or something.

Time is 8pm.

(extra large w/cheese)

5/9/06 05:57 pm - mozbot - Pizza Club 12: I forgot

'zup 'za clubbers,

I must have old timer's disease. That is the one where you're like, carrying around...a gold panning pan, and look like a crazy old prospector and um, have a pet mule and/or donkey called Dutch. Cuz I keep forgetting about sending out this e-mail.

I give myself a Pizza Demerit for that. Fuck-howdy.

I've searched high and low, for a new place to go. And have come across a place that fits the frigg'n bill.

We WERE going to try La Buca, but that place is frigg'n TINY as a mo-fo.

Instead, we're gonna rock out with our um, thingies out, at Sicilian Pizza on Melrose.


Sicilian Pizza
7751 1/2 Melrose Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

8 to the P. P to the M. Wed to the Nesday, 5/10.

Carpool, yadda yadda yadda.

(extra large w/ cheese)

4/24/06 09:47 am - mozbot - Pizza Club 11

Yo yo yo!

Pizza Club is moving AGAIN to Tuesday. Why you ask? Well, I am being sent on a very secret Pizza Mission to Seattle. I must infiltrate my old stomping grounds and subject them to the rigors and standards that Pizza Club has created. I can't let the awesomeness that once was Piecora's rattle around in my brain as a distant memory of delicious pizza goodness...oh, all that cheese...so good. And the crust....wowza.

But on Tuesday, April 24th we're gettin' our 'za on at Dino's Pizza! It's Valley side, so if anyone (city side) wants to "pre-pizza" at my place before hand, and get a ride with me, lemme know.

Here are the details, my awesome amigos!

Dino's Pizza
3520 West Burbank Boulevard, Burbank,

Tuesday, April 24th, 8:00 PM.




(extra large w/cheese)

4/19/06 11:07 pm - tiajuanabible - pizzariffic


best pizza around the states (voted online):

1. Zachary's Chicago Pizza -- Berkeley, Calif.
A quichelike, deep-dish special

2. Pizzeria Regina -- Boston
Hearty sauce and brick-oven crust since 1926

3. Patsy Grimaldi's Pizzeria -- Scottsdale, Ariz.
Baked in a 25-ton coal oven

4. Vic's Bar & Restaurant -- Bradley Beach, N.J.
Mmm, fresh-cut Jersey tomatoes!

5. Tacconelli's -- Philadelphia
For pizza connoisseurs, this is thin-crust art.

6. John's Pizzeria -- New York
Greenwich Village classic defines the New York-style pie.

7. Star Pizza -- Houston
Their dough and sauce are made fresh daily.

8. Imo's Pizza -- St. Louis
How the locals like it: thin crust with provel cheese.

9. Home Run Inn -- Chicago
''Power-hitting'' 'zas are the stars of this citywide chain.

10. Mellow Mushroom -- Atlanta
Their gourmet white pie is an ATL legend.

11. Windy City Pizza -- Tampa, Fla.
65 toppings, from lobster to gouda

12. Anthony's Pizza and Pasta -- Denver
Nothing fancy, everything perfect

13. Papreza's Pizza -- Henderson, Nev.
Sin City's sinful deep-dish

by the by, the pizza i had in denver was a horrible monstrosity and sacrilege against anything even closely resembling pizza.

4/15/06 12:18 pm - mozbot - Wrong

This is wrong.

The P'EatZZa Sandwich from 7-Eleven.

What the hell is wrong with you people? If anyone in Pizza Club eats this I will:

1) Give them $10.00
2) Kick them out of Pizza Club.

4/5/06 02:30 pm - mozbot - Pizza Club X: Pizza Marks the Spot

This one is called Pizza Was Delicious and Was Always Eaten...(that is an Interpol reference, in a way)

Oh, yeah babes and dudes...the Wolfman here comin' atcha with another slice of love, all the way back from the East Coast on WPZA Radio! Oooooh Yeahhh! This is a special request for my main man, the Manfredi. Ya see, I got a call from the Pitch-Doctor and the conversation went like this:

Pitch-Doctor Manfredi: "I love me some pizza mah man"
Woflman: "Sing it baby!"
Pitch-Doctor Manfredi: "I NEED me some pizza"
Wolfman: "Oh, we all needs it...."
Pitch-Doctor Manfredi: "Well, lets get some from the Village Pizzeria"
Wolfman: "Amen, brutha....Amen!"

So yeah, next TUESDAY...NOT WEDNESDAY...TUESDAY (because some of us are CHOSEN people....yeah, chosen to suck (ICE BURN).....we are gonna go to the Village Pizzeria in Larchmont Village!


Where: 131 N. Larchmont (cross-street is Beverly)
When: 8 pm. Tuesday, April 11th.
Why: Because it's F'n PIZZA
How: By automobile, razor scooter, heliocopter or segway.

As always, I remain....

(extra large w/ cheese)

3/24/06 12:06 pm - mozbot - Pizza Club 9: P to the izza.

Most Insane Pizza Lovers,

Here is a super Pizza secret: Pizza is the world's coolest food. Is there another food that makes anyone so instantly happy and agreeable to consume? Fuck you if you say anything different.

zOMG I guess I'm all angry and stuff because the other day, I ordered a pizza from Numero Uno. Right, it was super good when I first ate it. But the next day, I give it the old re-heatment in the oven. (Super Pizza secret #2: Pizza tastes super good only when re-heated in the oven. You put a slice in a microwave and you're just asking for trouble. You know, there is even a right and wrong way to oven heat your Pizza too. But I won't go into that.)

Fuck, back to my story. So I reheat it, and WTF? It tastes terrible?!? That is so lame it makes me all angry.

You know that there is only one way to get over being angry? And that is by coming to...

The Pit Fire Pizza Company
Wednesday, March 29th, at 8 pm.
5211 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA

Apparently, this place is "da bomb". We will have to see if this is true or not.

(extra large w/cheese)
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